MARNYS® has learnt how to position itself as one of the best-quality natural product suppliers in the sector. We believe that natural products are healthier and more effective than synthetic ones. Our perseverance with natural factors is one of the greatest values that makes us stand out in the nutrition and natural beauty market, where the use of synthetic elements seems to be uncontrollable.


Non-irradiated ingredients


    Irradiating ingredients is a manufacturing method that uses levels of ion radiation to prevent deterioration and potential pathogens. This process can cause irreparable damage to DNA and cell membranes, and also breaks the enzymatic pathways. This is why MARNYS® does not use this type of ingredients.


NO-GMO Ingredients


    GMO ingredients are genetically modified ingredients. This method uses gene splicing to create products with non-natural attributes, such as rapid growth or resistance to pests and fungal growths. As this is not a natural method, MARNYS® avoids the use of GMO ingredients.

Sustainable development


    At MARNYS®, we are committed to protecting the environment so that future generations can enjoy the planet. We take part in the Sustainable Development Program, as it is our responsibility and duty to continuously improve our environmental footprint by reducing waste and emissions, preserving water and energy, recycling a wide range of materials and being part of local, national and global preservation efforts.


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