Argan Oil. It delays ageing

Argan (Argania spinosa), also known as prickly wild olive tree belongs to Sapotaceas family. Its fruit is like a green/yellow date of very slow growth. It takes it five or six years to come out.

Argan tree is resistant to heat, supporting temperatures up to 50º C. It can be 8-10 metres high and can be found in Morocco, along the strip from Tarourudant and Tiznit, at the Saharan limit.

The extraction method of this oil is totally handcraft. One hundred kg ripe fruit just supply about three kg seeds from which the oil is extracted through a really handcraft and neolithic method. The pits are split; each one contains three seeds similar to those of pumpkins. These seeds are toasted until they start to turn black, they are then crushed and grinded in a rustic stone mill until some opaque and thick honey starts to drip through the mill mouth. It is then let stand in a fresh dark place for a week until it gets dried. Local women make balls, squeezing them until the balls start to drain this semi-dry paste slowly. It results in a light and clear oil of light brown colour and a strong and pleasant taste.


Argan oil mainly contains essential fat oils (linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, oleic acid, arachidonic acid, gamma-linoleic acid) and also includes a great deal of tocopherols (vitamin E) (almost three times the olive oil tocopherol content) and phytosterols (D-7 esterols).

Thanks to its antioxidative and antiageing effects and to its high vitamin E content, BIO pure Argan oil is recommended for skin nourishment and regeneration.

Argan oil softens, moisturizes and protects skin against dry environment, therefore it becomes a basic element to balance dry and dehydrated skin, preventing it from external aggressions. Its use at night lets our dermis be regenerated, fighting against skin ageing.

The high moisturizing level supplied by Argan oil might be the perfect solution to improve the damaged hair, as it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. For a fine-looking hair, you can apply a generous amount of this oil from the middle of the hair to the ends and let it act all night.


  • Prevents skin from external aggressions: sun, wind.
  • Regularises the sebum secretion of skin and scalp.
  • Repairs dry and chapped hands and strengthens weak nails.
  • Because it is an antioxidant, Argan oil delays ageing effect.
  • It supplies intense moisturizing and softness for skin and hair care.
  • Suitable for the nourishment of all types of skin, especially dry and damaged skin and hair.
  • Easy skin absorption.
  • It does not leave any greasy residue.

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